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Clinical Trials

Melasma study: laser combined with the tranexamic acid pill

Seeking healthy non-smoking male and female volunteers of all skin types of age 18 to 65 with moderate melasma or severe melasma. Participants will receive up to 5 monthly laser treatments to half the face and need to take a pill twice a day for 4 months. Follow up visits are required 1 month, 3 months and 6 months after the final treatment.  Compensation of up to $150 will be provided based on completed visits.

Inclusion Criteria:

  • Healthy male and female subjects between the ages 18 to 65
  • Fitzpatrick skin types I through VI (all skin types)
  • Moderate or severe melasma
  • Willing to participate in study photography
  • Able and willing to comply with all visit, treatment, and evaluation schedules
  • Able to understand and provide written informed consent

Exclusion Criteria:

  • Pregnant, nursing women, current use of hormonal birth control medication or any hormonal therapy, or history of >2 spontaneous abortions
  • Use of topical steroids on the face within 1 month of study enrollment, use of topical hydroquinone on the face within 3 months of study enrollment, laser or dermabrasion to the face within 6 months of study enrollment
  • Regular use of tanning parlors, or occupation involving primarily outdoor activities
  • Current treatment with blood thinning medications
  • History of thrombosis, thrombophilia, or thromboembolic disease, such as deep vein thrombosis, pulmonary embolism and/or cerebral thrombosis, family history of thromboembolic disease
  • History of seizures or known light sensitive seizure disorder, stroke, or subarachnoid hemorrhage
  • History of kidney dysfunction
  • History of cancer, or active smoking
  • Significant cardiovascular or respiratory disease (end-stage congestive heart failure or chronic obstructive pulmonary disease)
  • History of acquired disturbances of color vision
  • Known allergy to tranexamic acid
  • As per the investigator’s discretion, any physical or mental condition which might make it unsafe for the subject to participate in this study

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