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Tattoo Removal on Facebook Live

Posted: Sep | 26

Many people experience what has come to be known as “tattoo regret.” In fact, our board-certified dermatologist, Dr. Paul M. Friedman, has seen an increasing number of patients visiting our practice over the years requesting treatment to remove unwanted tattoos. While laser tattoo removal has been utilized for decades to reduce signs of tattoos on the skin, revolutionary developments made in just the last few years have made it possible to address this common concern without having to undergo as many treatment sessions as required with previous laser technologies.

Recently, Elle magazine filmed a Facebook Live event to show a laser tattoo removal treatment session from beginning to end, and our own Dr. Friedman performed the treatment! The young woman who desired tattoo removal, Julie, now regrets the tattoo she received at a party a few years ago. The small tattoo, located on her right ring finger, was composed of black ink. Dr. Friedman explains that black ink tattoos are typically easier to treat, and he advises against getting tattoos with yellow, orange, and purple, as those are the most difficult to remove.

Dr. Friedman went through the laser tattoo removal process step-by-step. He used the advanced Spectra 1064nm Q-Switched Nd:YAG laser technique to deliver light in one-billionth of a second to break up the ink particles.

Take a look at the Facebook video to see Julie’s response after a single treatment session with the Q-Switched laser!

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