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Pulsed Dye Laser

Sclerolaser / Pulsed Dye / Versapulse Laser Treatments Post Op Instructions

What should I expect after my laser treatment?

The treated area may turn gray to black immediately following your laser treatment. This discoloration will become somewhat darker over the next several hours and it will remain dark for 7 to 14 days. Surrounding this treated area, you may experience some redness and itching which should resolve within several days. It is possible that you may experience several blisters, scaling or crusting following the procedure.

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What should I do if the treated area begins to crust or blister?

The skin should be treated gently twice daily with applications of Polysporin or bacitracin ointment. If the area has increased redness and itching, discontinue the ointment and call the office. It is not necessary to wear a bandage. However if a bandage is preferred, a telfa (non-stick) bandage should be used. It can be cut to size and secured with paper tape. The area may get wet while bathing, but swimming should be avoided for 1 week following the treatment.

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May I wear make-up following the treatment?

Make-up may be worn if there is no blistering or crusting following the treatment. Particular care must be take to avoid irritation of the skin while removing make-up. You should avoid abrasive or irritating make-up removers.

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May I be exposed to the sun following the procedure?

Direct exposure to sunlight should be avoided following the pulsed dye laser treatment procedure. If there is no crusting or blistering, a sunscreen of SPF-30 or higher should be applied to the treated area for 2 months following the treatment to avoid sun damage.

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When should I return to have my treatment area re-evaluated?

You should be checked within 4 to 6 weeks to evaluate the effectiveness of the laser treatment.
Should you have any questions or concerns prior to your follow-up visit, please feel free to call the office at (713) 900-3900.

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