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With summer here, many of us will be enjoying the great outdoors for longer periods of time and that requires some serious sun protection! Facts to know before you head out: 1. The shade won’t save your skin from sun damage. The shade only has an SPF of about 5 to 7 and that’s just not enough; Dr. Friedman recommends applying SPF 30 every day. 2. Don’t ignore the tinny tiny spots. When we apply sunscreen, we typically focus on the larger areas of our bodies like the face, arms and legs. Unfortunately, we can leave other spots susceptible to damage – and typically these parts can result in painful sunburn. So be sure to apply sunscreen to often-missed places like your ears, temples, fingers, toes and even your scalp. 3. Don’t skimp: One ounce—enough to fill a shot glass—is considered the amount needed to properly cover exposed skin. This summer be prepared, that way, you can focus on having fun, without damaging your skin!

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